Time Traveling Pirate Photography

Jenny Wall the Time Traveling Pirate;

Photographer. Adventure-seeker. Artist. Mermaid. Time traveling pirate lady.

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My name is Jenny the Time Traveling Pirate and  I’m a freelance photographer located in Northern Virginia. I specialize in creative, unique, colorful portraits, fine art photography, backyard weddings, and documentary event photography. I love natural light, lens flares, and sunsets. I believe every photograph should be a work of art and I think beautiful light and genuine emotion make all the difference.

I’ve been studying photography for over ten years and I’ve been published in various arts magazines both in print and online. Check out my features page for more information.

A little about me:

I love hiking, rock climbing, and the sport of body flight.

I shoot a Canon EOS 5d Mark ii, a Fuji Instax Mini 8, and through the viewfinder of an Argus 75.

Overcast days are my favorite.

I believe the meaning of life is happiness and love and I believe that although life may not always be easy, it can always be made better.


If you like my style or want to collaborate please contact me below!

To see more photography check out my galleries and my blog!

For pricing options click here!

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