I used to obsess over technical details. Everything had to be perfect (in my mind, although probably not by other people’s standards). I wouldn’t post or even bother to edit a photo if it was slightly out of focus, too grainy, or if the composition was off.  But lately I’ve found a love for imperfection… tilt shift, out of focus, grainy images… there’s something very real and very endearing about a moment captured imperfectly.


Like this picture of Binx.
It tells a story about a quick little kitty playing in a shadowy room.

It’s a real moment, as it really happened…on a dark and rainy day, shot at 3200 iso to keep the motion blur at bay. I had been tossing his ball across the room so I could take his picture, a few times I landed it on the bed.



Eventually he grew tired of that game and he lounged around a bit, watching me and that funny clicking thing I kept sticking in his face.



IMG_3965 b

He also found a new nap-spot on top of my jewelry box!


Each of these is noisy and dark and I’m probably over-processing them to hell but who cares, I love them. They’re beautiful to me and they capture the spirit of the day we had together. Sometimes life is imperfect and it’s best to embrace it.

2 thoughts on “Imperfection

  1. I love these. I have been thinking the exact same things. I’m going to be posting them to my blog tomorrow, as today was a feature blogger. But I sat in front of my mirror, bored as hell, and took photos of myself. There was a lot of noise, a lot of grain. At an iso of 2000, I believe. I hated them. But I don’t. I love them. I’m falling in love with imperfection myself. It seems as if we are on the same page, my dear. 🙂

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