Early morning poetry

There once was a man named Wes

And I seem to have forgotten the rest

But I know in my heart he was best

In his uni with metals on chest

Was he a soldier…not really…

More like an actor, my deary

I heard once he joined the navy

But perhaps that was rumor, just maybe

Wes with his camera was often

Seen by the water just walkin’

Snapping away without worries

For a man from the past never hurries

Photo by Wes Stone (Flickr)

This morning I was half asleep at 6:30 am wondering if I should get up and see the sunrise or stay in bed like the lazy bum that I am. Then this popped into my head. I’m not entirely sure where it came from…but I think my half alert self was thinking of all the people that I know and how I wish I could remember all their stories well enough to write them down one day. Then I thought of Wes, who is a friend from Flickr. We met once at an airshow and became quick friends. I like to think of him as a Time Traveler just like me. He shoots primarily in film and he has a set of recreated vintage photographs that really do look authentic! Anyway I suppose my sleepy brain went into Dr. Seuss mode and once the first few lines popped into my head I figured I might as well get up and jot it down somewhere.

Click the photo to go to his photostream on Flickr.

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