Try harder


Well my break from photography is over I think.  There’s always an empty space in my day. So I suppose I just need to get back in the habit of shooting…and I’ll try my hardest not to be quite so critical of myself and my work. I’m always over-critical..of everything I do. The things I write, the things I photograph, the things I draw, the things I say and do, the way I look…I over-analyze and over-criticize myself to death. So I suppose I’ll just try harder…..

Here’s what I tried today:



And here is Binx attacking my dead roses (from Valentine’s day)




2 thoughts on “Try harder

  1. GIRL. You should never take a “break” from photography. You’re too good! I love the photos of the roses. But my favorite by far is of you with the rose. That second photo is just gorgeous. ❤

  2. loooove the second one (of you with the rose)… I can fully relate to your words and understand what you mean… but I must agree with the previous comment – you are too good!!!

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