0-The Fool


In tarot in the fool card represents the start of a journey, more specifically the soul’s journey. It represents youth, a lack of wisdom, and the coming of lessons to be learned. It can also represent optimism, a foolish decision, a new opportunity and an experience that will play an important part on your soul’s journey through this life. Normally the fool card is drawn as a happy young boy with a bindle and a small white dog following at his feet. The dog represents the guiding light within us that is meant to keep us on the right path. Its the faithful companion, the internal voice, that warns of us of danger and leads us along to safety.

The fool card is the first card in a tarot deck and it is also the first photograph in what will hopefully become an on-going series. I realized last night that I have two main goals lately, the first one is to create photos that I can be proud of, and the second one is to learn and remember the meanings behind all of the tarot cards. It seemed obvious that I should just combine the two. Lately I am lacking for creative ideas and tarot has always inspired me, besides what better way to ingrain the meanings in my mind than interpret them in my own way?

While I was considering how to translate the fool card into a photograph, I immediately went to the idea of the foolish youth. What on earth is more foolish than a teenager leaving home for the first time? So in my photo we see a young girl about to embark on a journey, one that will probably be full of bad choices and bad decisions but one in which she will ultimately discover herself. She’s got her backpack and the light on her bike to guide her through the darkness….now all she has to do is leave the garage….

I think this project will be good for me, it may not result in 78 photographs based directly on the cards but I do plan on going in order and using them each for inspiration. There are a few I have in mind already that I can’t wait to work on, and others that I am currently completely stumped by. But thanks to the fool card I got up, got out and went shooting. Here are a few other photos I took for fun after working on the main one.




Today I also ended up trying something I normally avoid. I’m no stranger to photo-stitching and expanding but I almost never expand multiple photographs of myself. What I mean by that is, when working with other people, its really easy to take a photo of their top half, their bottom half, their left and right and combine all of them in post. When doing self portraits I can’t pan the camera AND pose in front of it. But today I tried…I took four separate photos, the main one, one of my bottom half, one of the right and one of the left…and then I took a few others to fill in the rest of the photo. I had to attempt to stand in almost the exact same place each time. Surprisingly it wasn’t a total disaster…surprisingly it worked out well! Here are a couple of original shots and a work in progress screen-capture:

IMG_9695original IMG_9727

in progress

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