III- The Empress


The Empress represents Mother Earth and is ruled by Venus. She represents femininity, fertility and nature. The Empress signifies a need to find a certain energy in life, one filled with beauty, creativity and nature. She is nurturing and caring, just like any mother but she is also in control, not only of herself, her sensuality and authority, but she controls life, everything stems from her.

For my picture I wanted subtle sensuality and confidence. I wanted a woman in nature, surrounded by greenery wrapped up in red. One with the earth and yet separate from it.

I’m not sure if I achieved what I was going for, the location wasn’t as green as I had been hoping…I really need to learn to do more scouting but thanks to the faux nudity I needed a secluded location to shoot (faux because I had clothes hidden underneath). I also set really low standards for myself today…even on the way to shoot I was telling my husband it was a waste of time because I suck at this lately. I can’t seem to figure out how to bring a bit of interestingness to my photos anymore. I told myself I wanted this simple but I think that was a mistake. This also wasn’t the pose I had in mind but the photos I shot with the pose I wanted turned out blurry (what do you expect, I use a self timer). I’m really quite frustrated lately. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. The bright side is I did have fun shooting with my husband today, I had fun taking photos with his help. I just wish I was better at this.

Anyway outtakes and behind the scenes:

My lovely assistant


test shot


The pose I had in mind




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