a moment for self









3 thoughts on “a moment for self

      1. I don’t comment on many in my stream, however, you are a wonderful photographer!

        Sometimes I sit and look at the image and think, how did they edit this, it looks beautiful, however, it lacks any emotional investment, people set out to take beautiful image but it often lacks a dialogue, something that leads you in to the image and won’t let you go! I’m guilty too.

        Your photography comes from a place where so many photographers will never discover. I can wear some of your images or stare at them for ages running through a storyline, asking questions, that is the sign of a truly wonderful photographer!

        You have a context to your images, sometimes I don’t comment because it breaks the bond with the image. I need to explain that, everyone will come away with a different story with your images, I like my story the best.

        So, you’re one of the few that inspire me, sometimes leave me breathless and most certainly helps me focus.

        Just thought you should know that!


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