I’m not the blonde haired, blue-eyed type…


Hello, my name is Impulsive and Eccentric and I am happy to be here!
Okay, honestly the dye job this time wasn’t nearly as impulsive as it was the first go round. I’ve been missing my blue hair a lot, I even started to miss the dark auburn color I have to dye my hair to get the blue out! Plus my hair had finally gone back to my natural color so I knew it would dye beautifully without bleaching!

I actually had to do this twice. The purple I picked our originally did not work the way I wanted and I missed so many spots it was ridiculous. I got way more dye on my face and my neck than IN my hair apparently.


The first attempt:


Yesterday I went out to take some pictures of my hair…and boy, was it a failure. I am so out of practice with self-portraits, especially on location ones. I think I am finally going to go tidy up my studio room so I can use my gray wall again. I really prefer taking pictures of other people these days.

Anyway here’s what I ended up with…well, these plus a sunburn.
















5 thoughts on “I’m not the blonde haired, blue-eyed type…

    1. Thanks for the link! Adam and I planning on attending! They are hoping to break a world record! I hope you guys will attend too, I’m sure the effort could use all the people possible!

      1. Well you and Adam have fun. Hook the Disney movie is the closest Jay and I will get to being a pirate :0)

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