Backyard Self-Portraits

These are the first pictures I’ve shot since Jake died. I guess the world just seems much less beautiful without him. This TTV shot was actually the very first photo I have taken since it happened and when I went to pick up my camera there was this sort of overwhelming sadness. I guess I spent a lot of time photographing him and I never realized how important it was to me until now. Jake has always been one of my favorite subjects. He was the first picture I shot with my newest camera. He was the first picture I shot with my first high quality lens. He was the first picture I shot with my first dslr. Yeah…I miss him.









2 thoughts on “Backyard Self-Portraits

  1. Gorgeous photos and that sweater is really lovely 🙂 I wanted to ask you, how do you maintain your hair at that length? My hair is almost as long as that, maybe two decimetres shorter, and I’m starting to get problems with tangles and such if I don’t brush it every now and then during the day and one time before I go to bed :/ Which makes me sad because I love long hair and I’ve been saving mine for three years! So I just thought I’d ask because your hair looks lovely. I’ve tried braiding it before I go to bed but then I wake up with the curls and waves from hell, haha 😛

    1. I get tangles too but the trick to keeping the manageable is a really good conditioner! I use something called Miracle 7 which you can get at Sally Beauty supply. It’s kind of pricey but its worth it. I also have leave-in conditioner that I use occassionally. Unfortunately the occassional trim is necessary too. I need one right now because the ends have gotten highly unhealthy!

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