5 thoughts on “Darling

  1. A start is a step in the right direction. Just take a step. It doesn’t have to be a very big one. One step and you’re no longer standing still. You’re moving, you’re changing, you’re evolving. You’re not the person you were a second ago. By the time you read this, you’ll be a different person yet. What I’m trying to get at is, you trying new things, new approaches, new creative endeavors, keeps you moving. I’m not you, but in my opinion, you haven’t hit the end of your talents. You haven’t come to that proverbial “dead end” yet. Nor do I think you ever will. You have such a strong passion and craving for everything that it is life that I doubt your soul would let you stop moving. I know some days it feels like you’re standing still or maybe it even feels like you’re taking a step or two back, but maybe that’s just our mind’s way of perceiving things? Our minds can be fickle sometimes. It’s said the way that we, as humans, perceive things is still vastly different from how the world, how existence really is. (I feel myself going off on a tangent…) So, even if you perceive something or think something is true, it doesn’t mean that it really IS or that you’re seeing all of it. Does that make sense? I think we can be very hard on ourselves. And yes, our friends tell us things to make us feel better, like I’m doing now. But, I’d like to think that what I’m saying is also the truth, unbiased. I know how your year has been. You’ve have a very rough one in some regards. You’ve had a very amazing one in other ways. You inspire me because you make the best out of it. And by doing that, you’re never giving up. (Yup, there’s that tangent I was feeling!)

    And I don’t think anyone is surpassing you. We each have our own paths to take and our own pace to travel those paths. (Just like it’ll probably take me between 6-8 years to get a 4 year degree. I’ve made so many mistakes. But that’s all a part of the learning process.) If you want something desperately enough, I know you of all people will find a way to make that desire or dream a reality. You have the willpower and determination to do so. Unlike any other I know. I am privileged and honored to say I know you. If you want to go to school or a career or find a passion, I know you will do it. I may not always know how that’ll happen, but somehow, I know it will. You won’t give up. And I won’t give up pushing you. Just like you never give up on me. So, get out there. Find some new artistic endeavors! Look into schools. Apply to every job imaginable, even if you don’t think you’ll get it or you hate it. Take pictures of absolutely anything and everything. Enjoy the little things in life. Just…Live! If you promise to do that, then I promise to always stand by your side and marvel at the wonders that come from your work and dedication. Always and forever. And I will genuinely be in awe and the marvels that you produce, every single time!

    I will love you until the end of existence, and then for some time after,

    1. You know Little Buddy,

      It’s no wonder I was so miserable without you. All the time I fought to be a happy, better person when you weren’t in my life…it was always so empty and it always felt like such a lie. I need you in my life, always and forever. Reading this made me feel so great, it really wiped away any self-doubts I have been having because if you believe in me then I know I can do it. You are the greatest friend a girl could ever ask for. I promise to never give up on my dreams and I promise to never let you give up on yours. I love you!

  2. Jenny I wasn’t going to say anything but I couldn’t. There is a huge amount of women who would love to be a housewife. Jay and I are praying that I can become a housewife one day. Enjoy being a housewife! I’m not a photographer but I can tell that you do have a talent for photography. Jenny it seems like you don’t give yourself enough credit! The first thing that you can do is to stop looking at what your peers are doing. Everyone’s life is planned out differently. Don’t worry about what they are doing. Focus on yourself. You were created to do something great. In time that plan for your life will unfold. Just trust the process of constantly growing in your craft. Please don’t worry about what other people think about your photography. As long as you’re satisfied about your work that’s enough. When I blog and I think I published an excellent post. However, I don’t always get a lot of feedback at all. I don’t value my work based on feedback. I can’t put my confidence based on what other people think. I hope this helps you in some way.

    P. S. I love vintage photography!

    Blessings & Be Encouraged,

    1. Thank you so much for this comment! I do love being a housewife! I absolutely adore it! But its not all I want from my life and sometimes I get frustrated because I’m not closer to accomplishing my dreams. You are right though, I shouldn’t compare myself to others. Although I have to confess, after speaking with some of my other fellow photographers and artist, apparently we are all crazy! Apparently we all go through phases of self-loathing, self-doubt and self-criticism. I think that is just what happens when you are so passionate about art. After giving this a few days I realize I really do love what I have been creating, whether anyone else likes it or not! Thank you so much though, it means a lot that you took the time to comment. I appreciate it more than I can express! Being a housewife and taking care of my husband is so rewarding and I absolutely adore it! I know you will love it too!

      1. No problem we all need encouragement! I am glad I could help in some small way. Keep pressing on Jenny ;0)

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