Today I actually tried to do some creative self-portraits and wouldn’t you know it I screwed everything up. I swear I switched my camera back to raw, I swear I did, but somehow everything ended up in jpeg anyway. Blegh.

I kept wondering why nothing seemed sharp enough in camera. Anyway the photo I wanted to take did not turn out the way I wanted, as usual. So I hate it, as usual. It sounded like such a brilliant idea in my head, “I’ll take my rock collection and lay them all out on the hardwood floor it will beautiful and amazing and awesome and it will combine my two favorite things.” Or, more likely, it will suck.

You know, these rocks took forever to lay out too.

Rock Collector

The fact that everything is jpeg completely screws up my usual editing process and it has slowed me down a lot. It’s so difficult to perfect colors on a jpeg image!!! *Frustration*

At least the day resulted in one image I like…the one at the top there. But the image I’ve been thinking about for days now was a total fail. I suppose the lesson here is “do not get your hopes up,” or perhaps, “everything looks better in imagination land.”

Back to my books, I guess.


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