Black and White Project Pt. II


Part 1

Part 2

Today was a wonderfully “spring” day. It was rainy and chilly with a bit of a warm breeze. Spring is a pretty difficult season to photograph in black and white but that is what I was in the mood to do today.

As usual nothing is edited. I treated my digital camera as though it were film (manual settings and everything is straight out of the camera).











Last night I had a dream that I had a pretty yellow ultralight airplane and I went to a tiny airport in the middle of the night to fly it for the very first time. The details of the dream are hazy but I remember a brilliant stary sky and beautiful blue dots lining the air field below. I remember the sheer thrill of take off and the joy of flying all alone…just me and the sky.

One day I’ll have that for real.


The end



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