There has been a lot going on lately but I just haven’t felt like writing or sharing. I’m in a weird sort of funk, I’m worn out, and mostly I just want to sit around, scribble in my notebooks, and listen to mellow music. I tend to beat myself up (pretty badly) when I fail to remain positive and optimistic all the time but I realized today that I need to give myself permission to just lull about once in a while. If I’m not feeling 100% happy and on-top of things then that’s okay and I need to learn to just ride it out instead of trying to force it away. If I don’t have the energy to fight anymore then I need to learn to just surrender for a few days.

So I’m giving myself permission to surrender, to mope around, laze about, and take care of myself for once instead of worrying about how I will fix the world and accomplish all my dreams.

I did however want to write and share some really awesome news before I retreat back to my peaceful isolation….and that good news is….

*drum roll please*

I am now officially a muse!

I was invited to write for the Mortal Muses blog recently and today the official announcement is up! I’ll write my first post in the next few weeks and I am really looking forward to being a regular contributor. I cannot express what an honor it is to be included in this great group of amazing photographers. Seriously, the fact that they even considered me just makes all giddy inside. Also, I got a stellar introduction from one of my favorite photographers Anna Gay….who could ask for more?

So be sure to follow the Mortal Muses blog and look for me there soon!



P.S. The above photo was taken by Adam (Bella and I napping together in the sun)


2 thoughts on “Muse

  1. WOW!!!! I love the photo. It aligns very well with my monthly photography challenge I’m currently having on my blog. You could post the link as a comment on any of my blog posts to partake.

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