Taking Flight


This weekend the Hampton Roads Executive Airport hosted a Women Can Fly event and I was actually able to fly with my friend Caitlyn! Going up with her made me realize that there is nothing better than watching someone else fall in love with the thrill of flight. I really loved seeing her excitement and talking with her afterwards about the exhilaration of take off! She said almost all the same things I said after my first flight. So, even though we ended up waiting around the airport for about four hours to finally get our turn it was absolutely worth it. I spent a lot of my time making connections, talking to the people with the booths and pamphlets, talking to other would-be flyers and towards the end of the day I even met one of the owners of a local flight school. I was so happy to get the chance to talk to him. I asked a little about their flight training but what I really wanted to know was his opinion on flight instructing as a career. I’ve had so many pilots tell me that its a stupid idea and most flight instructors only do the job to log hours to become airline pilots. The owner of this flight school told me that they need more career oriented flight instructors and he expressed a little bit of disdain for the pilots that log hours and run. He also said female flight instructors are nearly impossible to find and I should really go for it if I can. I can’t even express how good that was to hear.

I ended up coming home with a lot of pamphlets and a lot of phone numbers! I talked to people with the civil air patrol (or rather I was talked to about the civil air patrol…they were adamant about recruiting me), I talked to men from the Coast Guard Air Auxiliary, and I even ran into the first pilot ever met. Her name is Diana and she is with the local chapter of the ninety-nines. When I first became serious about being a pilot I reached out to the ninety-nines and she was amazing enough to meet me at an ice-cream parlor to talk. She brought me some things to read and told me all about her life as a private pilot. It was really great to see her again and much to my surprise she recognized me!

Of course the best part of the day was being with Caitlyn! I don’t have many friends that get excited about aviation so its absolutely amazing to have someone in my life that finally does.

The next day I got to see Caitlyn again for our Hide and Seek Party at the Fort. It was a blast. I couldn’t findĀ anybody! At one point I was certain a few people had died in the bushes somewhere.

It as a spectacular weekend.


My wide-angle lens does not have auto-focus. So I took a guess…and I failed….oh well




Finally check out these awesome photos of the weekend taken by Caitlyn Stephens, someone that really should be a photographer but she doesn’t believe me! (Much thanks for allowing me to share these!)






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