Backyard Self Portraits


Wouldn’t you know it, I’m without a car again? I feel like car-less-ness is my perpetual curse. Clearly the universe wants to teach me patience while I’m stuck inside my house. I can’t even ride my scooter because somebody (me) forgot to get it registered in time for the new law (scooters have to be registered) went into effect, so its currently illegal to drive. Color me restless.

I’ve been craving a little photographic-creativity lately. I’ve been so lazy.

I feel like I’ve stagnated and sometimes I’ve been afraid that I can’t be any better. Maybe I can’t improve, maybe I’ve reached the end of my talents. Of course if you make that sort of prediction about yourself, it will undoubtedly come true. So yesterday I decided to try to push my boundaries a little bit because I don’t want to be the same artist I used to be, I want to leave behind the copycat conceptual work and I want to find a new voice. So I went outside in the awful heat and swatted mosquitoes away for the better part of an hour and I hoped my photographs would turn out pretty at the very least.

In the end I feel like a lot of these images are the beginning of an improvement. I feel that they are the start of a new photographic journey.

IMG_8827-1 IMG_8792-1



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