Engines of War


I’ve started reading Doctor Who novels recently (mostly the classic 4th doctor ones) and I absolutely love them. This book was just released yesterday and because I pre-ordered it, it was delivered directly to my house! I read the first 200 pages last night, one hundred more to go. So this is my day, Doctor Who, The Time War, and  home-made vegetable soup.

7 thoughts on “Engines of War

  1. lol I can’t believe our tacky little sy fi series has done so well over the pond, we thought it was so uncool compared to Star Trek! It’s changed a lot though since I was a kid so am glad you’re enjoying it! John Hurt, great actor.

    1. Doctor Who has actually been over here for quite a while! The classic episodes (along with other shows like Red Dwarf) used to air a lot on public television. Of course its only just started to get really popular in the last few years thanks to BBC America.

      1. Cool it’s nice to have that affinity between our cultures. I had my first trip to USA in May this year and had the best of times, it’s nice to visit a place with so much in common.

      2. That’s fantastic! Where did you visit? I’ve never been out of the USA yet but I really want to!

      3. I went to Rochester (NY) as I wanted to meet my flickr friend Kathy, and we had a great week together, she took us to Naigara Falls & Ithaca Gorges which was amazing, then hubby and I drove to Nashville and stayed there for 3 days, we loved the music everywhere, then a night in Times Square before our flight home. It was a bit full on, fitted aa lot into our 10 days but had the best of times and want to come out again!

      4. I am so glad you liked it here! The USA is a HUGE place, its on my bucket list to visit every state. How did you like the long drive to Nashville? I live in Virginia, a couple hours away from Washington DC, and I haven’t yet been able to visit many other places. But Virginia is awesome is you ever visit again!

      5. Yes it was a 2 day drive, we stopped overnight in Ohio, we were lucky one of my & Kath’s flickr friends had come up to our farewell party and he lived in Ohio which was halfway to Nashville, so we followed him back to there. 6 hrs each day, but fun to do a road trip, even stopped off and did the National Corvette museum along the way on our second day. I will keep Virginia in mind for our next visit!

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