A Very Wizard Adventure pt. 2


This is part two of my trip to Universal Studios, be sure to read about part one here!

On Tuesday the 11th we woke up super early and packed a lunch before heading off to Universal Studios theme park! We listened to this song on the way over.

The only camera I carried was the one on my phone so all the photos are kind of crummy. We spent three days at the park and the last day was our dedicated photo day!

I wanted to start the day at Islands of Adventure so I could see Hogsmeade first, because it was the original Harry Potter theme park.


One of the first things I saw when I arrived was the Jurassic Park Welcome Center and Hogwarts across the water! My two great obsessions!




Hogsmeade Village!



We had lunch at the Hogs Head inn and I spent most of lunch feeling very depressed because I didn’t enjoy the butterbeer. I tried…I really tried to like it….curse my picky taste-buds!


I was most excited to visit Honeydukes!



After stopping in honeydukes we went on the Harry Potter Forbidden Journey ride, and walking through the castle was absolutely amazing! Afterwards we went to explore the rest of Islands of Adventure. I spotted a henna artist and I immediately knew what the first bit of my souvenir money was going to go to…..


Andrew got a matching one!



I was super excited about seeing all the Jurassic Park stuff….unfortunately….it wasn’t that great but we did our best to have fun. Also I hear they might be updating it after the new movie comes out….so I may have to work my butt off and save up so I can go back some day!




InGen mixed my DNA with a dinosaur….but then they decided it was an abomination so they destroyed it.




If I have to die, this is the way I want to go.









There is no picture that encompasses the sheer magic of Diagon alley. The buildings are so tall and everything is so real! It doesn’t feel like a theme park at all. In Hogsmeade Village most of the shops are just empty storefronts but in Diagon Alley almost every shop is real! You can walk in, you can shop! You can buy robes and eat wizard candy! It felt as though all my childhood daydreams had come true. I was in awe. Absolute awe. I felt like a kid again. When I was little and life got hard I would imagine myself at Flourish and Blotts buying books for Hogwarts, or Madam Malkin’s Robe shop, or Borgin and Burkes down in Knockturn Alley. And they made it all real! It was all there!

We wandered around in a giddy state.







When I saw Wands by Gregorovitch I knew I wanted to buy my wand! Gregorovitch was a wandmaker (Ollivander wasn’t the only one) and he once owned the Elder Wand!





Andrew has Bellatrix’s wand and when we looked at wands at Gregorovitch’s he kept accidentally picking up death eater wands! I guess its just meant to be!


Stay tuned for part three in which I post all the good pictures from my dslr and a TON of photos of Diagon Alley!

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