It’s my third anniversary….with wordpress!

Three years ago today I signed up for wordpress and I started this blog. I would say its crazy to think how much has changed in three years but honestly, after everything that has changed in the last six months, its not so crazy at all.

In the past three years I’ve gone through depression, deaths, breakups, moves and huge changes. I’ve found more confidence and optimism than I thought I had in me, I’ve found more strength than I thought I could manage and I’ve found more good friends than I’ve felt like I’ve deserved.

Right now I’m in a transition period of my life. I’m trying to heal without focusing all my energy on the past. I’m examining all my mistakes and attempting to learn from them. I’m looking toward the future and scrutinizing all my options. A few years ago I was becoming a very successful photographer and I gave it up, believing that my┬árelationship was more important, and now I’m considering how to reclaim my art. I’ve also been trying to figure out how to reclaim my own independence and self-love.

I don’t know what will come next for me. I feel like I’m beginning to find myself but I’m not sure where the universe will lead me. All I know is that I faced the hardships of the last three years and I’m still kicking, so I’m sure I can manage the next three.


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