Good morning!


Good morning, wordpress! Here’s a picture of the most adorable snake ever.

And here’s an awesome song to get your day started!

This week in my world the goal is to stop focusing on how to change into the person I want to be and instead focus on embracing and loving who I already am. I am enough. I am pretty enough, strong enough, fit enough, brave enough, and successful enough just as I am.

If I can spend just one week telling myself that I am okay (right now, just as I am) I know things will improve. My anxiety comes from a lack of confidence and my lack of confidence comes from a surplus of self-doubt.

So let’s slow down, shall we? Let’s drink green tea, and do yoga (badly) without daydreaming about being super flexible, let’s accept where we are now. Let’s put up with the messy grown-out pixie cut and love it (even if its slightly dorky). Let’s forget about the people who tell us we aren’t enough because they don’t understand us. Let’s accept the fact that my bank account is empty but at least I’m surviving. Let’s flaunt the fact that I’m a 23 year old girl with a fucked up past but I’m putting my life together. Let’s be proud of how much stronger I am today than I was at the beginning of the year. Let’s slow down, be calm, and let the universe move around us.

We can do this.


P.S. I took a long break from photography on social media but now I’m trying to start something up again, so please like my page!

2 thoughts on “Good morning!

  1. This post, these words, and that song just made my entire day better. Reading what you have to say really inspires me to persevere and continue trudging through the hard times. You make me believe that things will eventually be better. I love that you blog because I know that not only me, but others as well, draw inspiration from your words and actions. It’s surprising how universal the human experience is. By reading about what’s going through your mind, you can describe the same problems that someone else is experiencing on the other side of the world. Not only that, but help them too!

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