Feels like Drowning


I was so so happy for a little while. But life is all about highs and lows.
Right now is a low.
And I know the choices I make from this point on will shape the rest of my life.
It’s overwhelming.
It feels like drowning.

One thought on “Feels like Drowning

  1. How strange, haven’t seen you post for ages, and today the way I was feeling had me envisaging a photo of myself underwater in the bath, but impossible to fulfil as I would have to explain myself, something I don’t want to do. And there my picture turns up out of the blue on your long forgotten blog! To undrown I am remembering the times when I was strong down the years, we are the sum of our past experiences, choose wisely which ones to think about, and make them your bedrock. You look fab BTW, the lippy is gorgeous. 😊

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