My Favorite Portraits

As a self portrait artist I often forget how enjoyable it is to photograph others! Usually for me photography is a very personal and private affair. It’s just me and my camera getting to know each other, often all alone in a secluded spot in nature. But working with others is like a creative dance! And much like dancing we have to forget our insecurities, put our best feet forward, and trust our partners.

I have a lot of insecurities about my portrait work! I’m always way, way, way too hard on myself. If my clients tell me they love the results I’m relieved and elated and yet I still worry I could have done better. It doesn’t matter how many people tell me they love what they see, I always see the ways in which I want to improve!

Today I want to share my favorite portraits because I’m learning to appreciate my own work! I’m learning to like what I create with others! I’m on a life long mission to be a little less hard on myself.

So please enjoy these favorites!

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