About Me


Hi friend!

I’m Jenny (the Time Traveling Pirate).

I like to describe myself as an imperfect girl in an imperfect world. I love to travel as much as possible on the smallest budget possible. My favorite place to sleep is in my hammock on a warm summer night overlooking a mountain view. I live for day hikes to waterfalls and long road-trips in my tiny car! I cosplay and build stuff when I have the time. I take pictures and make short videos. When I get the chance I rock climb, practice aerial acrobatics, and fly in a wind tunnel. I have too many hobbies and no expectations for greatness! But most of the time I’m either at work doing spreadsheets and other boring stuff, or I’m on my couch watching superhero movies and anime.

On this website you’ll find photos from my adventures and my life. If you want to see more you can check out my instagram


Thanks for visiting!