Jenny Does Aerial

I love being off the ground. I loveeee being upside down. Two of my goals in life are to get my pilot’s license and get really, really, really good at aerial silks and lyra.

I practice aerial as often as I can! Nothing makes me feel stronger, more confident, or more accomplished than finishing a routine or learning a new move. Anytime I’m stressed I get upside down and the stress melts away.

I do own all my own equipment but I do not advise anyone to practice alone. I do not learn new moves on my own, only under the guidance of a certified teacher! However, owning my own equipment means that I can keep up conditioning and perfect the moves I already know!

If you think aerial is something you want to try I cannot recommend it enough! When I first started I had no strength! My teacher had to lift me into the hoop because I didn’t have muscles to do it myself. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you build muscle and endurance and most importantly, confidence! And you’ll look graceful doing it!