Jewelry Designs by Miss Mohs


Miss Mohs is my Jewelry Designer alter-ego. The name comes from the Moh’s hardness scale because I work mainly with gemstones!

I don’t often write captions but for this post I need to give a NSFW warning and I wanted to say that these designs might not end up in the shop… I haven’t decided yet!

I have been really focused on the idea of creating for the sake of creation, and not for the sake of profit. The pressure of “hustle culture” is exhausting. The idea that art always needs to produce a profit is exhausting. The idea that our bodies can and should create a profit is also exhausting, which is why I don’t monetize my NSFW content.

Any nudity in my art is purely art. My body is not for sale and only I get to choose when and how to make it public.

Recently, I have also been focused on working through the shame I feel around the idea of being perceived as “sexy” or the shame I feel around simply feeling good about myself. These are concepts I hope to continue to explore.

Thanks for indulging me.















One thought on “Jewelry Designs by Miss Mohs

  1. I would not be surprised if anyone will ask (or already asked) you if they may show your works in museums and music albums. Your designs and art seem like they could be reflecting or projecting melodies, beats, tones.

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